8 Top Hit Songs From 2020

2020 isn’t the best year for many to be honest. But it sure hasn’t stopped music directors and singers to come up with some mind-blowing songs. From alt-rock bands to solo artists, there are enough songs to keep you engaged for hours. Here are the top 8 songs from 2020 that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Me & You Together Song – The 1975

This song is bound to make you remember some of your cherished memories that bring a smile on your face. The British alt-rock band, The 1975, pens romantic lyrics in this song to make it one of the most soothing tracks of 2020.

2. Safaera – Bad Bunny feat. Jowell & Randy, Nengo Flow

Bad Bunny is now a global phenomenon, renowned for his trippy songs. Together with his Puerto Rican rapper, he has come up with the ultimate party song of 2020.

3. Rearview – Beach Bunny

After becoming famous on TikTok, Beach Bunny, an emerging Chicago band dropped their album, Honeymoon, earlier this year. Rearview talks about a defunct relationship. It’s a song that will keep playing in your head for days.

4. Deadlines – Will Toledo

Will Toledo is now the golden boy of indie-rock. His poignant lyrics on a guy’s desperation in a relationship is just heartbreaking; an ideal song if you want to fix your mind after breaking up with your girlfriend.

5. Anthems – Charli XCX

2019 was Charli XCX’s year and she has continued her form in 2020 also. This song talks about the mundane activities that had kept her occupied during the lockdown; something that you will be able to relate word by word.

6. People, I’ve been sad – Christine and the Queens

It’s a song that every person would want to write but just can’t pen down the words correctly. And Héloïse Letissier, AKA Christine and the Queens, does it ever so brilliantly. You will feel a deep sense of hollowness after listening to this song.

7. Physical – Dua Lipa

The British pop star is back with another pulse-beating song. This is one of the best party songs you will ever listen to, especially from Dua Lipa, and that too in 2020.

8. Marigolds – Early Eyes

This indie-pop band knows the perfect lyrics that can pick you up from the saddest of moods. The percussion and nimble bass, with moving lyrics talking about how it’s okay not to be okay, will make you want to listen to the song on loop for hours.

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