Escucha | MedioPicky: Seven Nation Army / Dance MF Remixes


Escucha | MedioPicky: Seven Nation Army / Dance MF Remixes

If you asked me what the “gutic”, or “beauty” of remixes is, I wouldn’t find it hard to say that it is a kind of musical curiosity or “fetish” of listening to something that was made with different rhythms and in different genres. It is a feeling of listening to something as we are not used to listening to.

It’s the same as listening to a merengue orchestra performing grime music, or a rock band doing classical music; something that is not normal.

In recent times, it has become a simple process, listening to the trendy songs in a hundred ways. This is a common phenomenon with plenty of non-dance songs on disco hits. At various times, we have DJs on the island who have transformed songs using different melodies.

Some of these DJs include Sosa Mas Nada, who fused Latin Soul diva La Lupe with modern melodies and introduced music from Astro, Chilean a band from Chile. Another is the wonderful Freaky Phillip who uses Moombahton rhythm to mix songs in a way that we would never have thought possible. Joel Berrido, otherwise known as Macrofunk, gave Juan Luis Guerra a punkish sound, among many others.

I was drawn to doing Mediopicky remixes by artists such as Astro, Adrianigual, M83, the local TangoWhiskyMan and Poolpo, and tUnE-yArDs, among others.

After several weeks of working as a producer, he once again grabs the neighborhood’s attention but this time it is to bring back Jack White and The White Stripes.

The iconic 7 Nation Army will transition between dembow beats and will motivate movement from the most rigid of bodies.

But this does not end there. As we start the new year, (if it still makes sense to call it the new year), Mediopicky will reward us with the special gift of a trip back to the legendary local band Toque Profundo to highly danceable levels in a new remix. The best part is that this remix will be available for free download.

The last song released by the band was Dance MF and it came out months ago. Its original format is more of funk/disco than it is rock. In the new remix, Mediopicky injects speed into what begins as Dirty Dutch and turns into something with a more urban sound that is great to dance to at any party no matter where.

This short article was written by one of the members of a junk removal company in Fort Collins, CO.

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