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It is at this time of the year that media outlets across the world get excited over the opportunity of researching what was produced throughout the year, they analyze the good and the bad from the entire year. After all of the research has been finished ,t hey typically produce the best or worst lists or simply what gained the most attraction during the year. There are years when so much has been produced it is possible to miss something that was really good. With this in mind, considering we are nearing the end of the year, we wanted to take a moment and focus on a young local singer-songwriter, Eduardo Tió, whose “Debajo del Sol” might have been missed.

Eduardo Tió began composing music in his teenage years and actually began playing with local groups, one known as the now defunct “Indy”, where he played keyboard and guitar. He began his journey into music through a rather homemade venture by posting some of his songs on YouTube, in which he received general praise. After working for 2 years, he would select the best of his repertoire and prepare a full-length album.

Debajo del Sol has been a long term project which has been completed with a number of fine musicians such as JV Oliver, David Vasquez, Farouk Gomati, Pavel Rivera, Sergio Marte and a handful of others. The album goes in a new direction as Eduardo Tió allows for pop to take the center stage in his music, there are a number of times when he could be easily compared to other musicians on the island as well as internationally. There are ten songs in which he allows his desires, feelings, fears and fantasies be center point. Debajo del Sol is a pure pop album, that has the possibility to captivate the masses.

The album begins with “La Noche Es Joven”, a catchy pop song that is going to have you humming the choir throughout the day, it is a perfect song filled with festivity and freedom.

Tonight I don’t want to fall in love again

Tonight I prefer to do without a romance

Tonight I don’t want to fall in love again

Tonight I could forget everything

Following it is “We will always have Paris” , which brings with it memorable lyrics and music. “Let Me Be” begins to shy away from the positive beat of the prior songs and treads into a more romantic domain.

Ay, tell me love, what did you do?

To fall in love so much like this

With your shape and your gestures

Of everything that reminds me of you

“Mezcla Perfecta” , like Déjame Ser, is one of the first songs that Eduardo let his audience hear during his early acoustic beginnings, heavily influenced by ballads, it is an easily recognizable hit. Next up is “La Conquista” with its popular lyric hook, we catch more of Tió’s composing skills, similar to his early production of “Canción Para Cantar”, in which his words were heavily inspired by the wordings of On The Road by Jack Kerouac. This sing became one of the Top 20 local songs on the local radio station LaX 102.

“Under The Sun” is a song in which the album actually takes its name and helps to contrast the positive nature of the pop music with the reality of day to day life. Eduardo has faced many of the challenges that all of us face on a daily basis, including monotony and failures. The songs change the general pace of the album and allows for a sweeter tone. In “One Hundred False Reasons”, we are offered just the opposite with a song about heartbreak.

The last aspect of the album brings us “Cantares y Odas” and “Todo Lo que Neito”, both of these songs are calming and peaceful, they allow for not only a new direction of the album but show us an ending with high quality.

Debajo Del Sol takes us on an incredible and emotional journey with a very talented pop musician. From the looks of this album, it would seem as though Eduardo Tió has a very promising future in the local music scene as he has been readily accepted by the fans and radio and his music is consistently improving. We look forward to watching this promising young musician grow in the coming years. It is possible to listen to Debajo del Sol on your Soundcloud or it can be purchased on iTunes.

This article was written by a music lover that listens to these songs while working at his hood cleaning job.

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